Letter to my Little One–6


Missing you badly…

October 19, 2006

Dear Little one,

I am missing you so badly today. As soon as I returned from the market, I switched on the PC and opened my mail account and looked for the sign of your presence on it. And was sad to see that you have left the office. It felt like you had gone without saying bye to me. Your cell is not working and I cannot contact you even if I want to. I had to say so many things to you today but cannot just say. So am taking the same recourse—writing to you!

Do you remember last year this very day, we had so much work to-do and then had to go to the market as the next day was Karvachauth and we had to make some purchases. We were already late for the market and it was bit dark in the evening. I had no intention of walking to the Market and there was no one around who would have driven us—a catch-22 situation. I wanted you to drive the ca but as usual you refused saying, “How can I when neither Papa nor Ashu is there to help me.” I was angry with you and wanted you to take the keys in your hand and just start the car and here you had so many petty excuses for not driving on your own.

But my will prevailed and we three went to the market and you were so confident driving the car. The sense of freedom and confidence that you might have experienced that day I am able to feel even today, a full year after. I remember it so well as the next day was your B’day!

I am missing you so much dear.



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