General Post Office, the Mall, Shimla


Whenever I go to Shimla and look at the magnificent and historical building of the head Post office on the Mall, I feel like rushing to it Now you would say, “What is the big deal about it, who stops you from that? Is it not a public place—a post office?”

It is not merely to buy stamps or post a letter that I want to go inside but to re-live some of my childhood days! The feeling of belonging to this building would be so strong in me that I felt it like my second home. And why should I not as had it not been a second home to me during my childhood? During the recent Shimla visit it was high on my agenda but like so many of my plans, this one could no be fulfilled for the simple reason that it was Sunday and the Post office was closed.

Though I could capture its timeless beauty in my camera. Back home watching this building by enlarging different portions became my favourite pastime and when I could not contain my curiosity any further, I picked up the phone and called up the Senior Superintendent of Post office, Mr. Kushal Vashishth, who happened to be the son of our very dear friend. I wanted to know so many things from him. “Was the recreation room that had some three wooden almirahs, full of books, still there and also the carom board?” I could se myself peeping inside the almirahs and getting books issued to be read. I still remember some of the titles. Strange it may seem today but it shows the kind of impact it had made on a young mind! Perhaps my reading habits had originated or say got the right fillip in this very room! “Yes, the almirahs were there and had some books as well” he said, “But the room has been shifted to some other place these days.”  “And the canteen that served hot tea to the employees?” I continued. “Still there” the answer reassured me that there were still links that would make me experience some of my childhood days.

I remember rushing to the post office as and when I wanted as there was no restriction for us to either enter or to go to the recreation room though we preferred to go in the evening. We children were, many a times, trained in some cultural activities where we represented the postal department. There lies an old snap somewhere that has us singing a patriotic group song “Ham hain is sansar ke nanhe sipahi…” It was such a good experience to play and learn and read in the evenings in the corridors of the post office.

In good old times, the post office employees club used to arrange for movie shows, in the building itself, organized by the Public Relation Department If I remember correctly, these shows were discontinued when someone broke off one of the main door glass panes that we were told had come from Great Britain and there was a big problem replacing it as the similar one was not available! How people compared quality of the British glass with that of the indigenously produced glass! And I wondered, “Why are they saying so much about the quality maintenance by the Angrezi Raj!”

The green and the red coloured building has upheld the same looks as it had many years back. It has not grown old with the passage of time, at least from the exterior!

There are so many of the little tit-bits about the life and love that the building filled me with. It must have been a great influence on me as today after almost 40 years I am able to see myself running inside the corridors of the post office as a 10 years old girl!

I don’t know what childhood impressions my children carry about the NIT family but I do wish that they may be as sweet as are mine!


6 thoughts on “General Post Office, the Mall, Shimla

  1. This is one post office which means business! Inside you have computers and you are out of the post office in minutes. Service is fast and professional and people manning the counters actually smile!! The lady at the counter selling stamps is quite co-operative and I have seen her handling patiently foreigners with poor English quite well.

    Long back in the dark ages 🙂 when we used to send greeting cards during Diwali and New Year by postal mail I once complained to the postmaster about the quality of gum placed to stick on the stamps. He immediately sent a person to market to bring a new bottle of gum and did not let me go till I was finished with all the cards and actually posted it. Also during my student days in Calcutta, my father had sent me money through the newly launched satellite money order service which guaranteed you the delivery the next day. It never reached me and upon inquiring at the post office they simply refused that this service was not available at Calcutta. My father then approached the post master and it was due to his efforts that I finally got my monthly pocket money from home.

  2. netar singh

    The post man of our street(chatrehl upper purani mandi mandi hp)is not deliver our important letters in time like as roll no. of examination,telephone bills,other time bond are requested to kindly direct him to deliver our all types of letters to our home in time so that we are not facing any convenience.i shall be highly thank full to you for this act of kindness.

  3. aarkay

    The photograph as well as the article are appealing .The building is really a monument and a legacy of the British Raj.As for the postman, one is reminded of the school days when being asked to write a complaint to the Postmaster against the postman of the locality,all possible forms of misconduct were attributed to the poor guy, though in reality, no cause for complaint was ever found. To this day, generally a post man is found performing his duty faithfully and honestly.

  4. Devender kumar

    Sir/mam meri SBI bank dwara mera Atm1-9-13 ko head office se bheja gya tha mujhe uska sms dwara pta chala k wh bheja gya hai mgr mujhe ab tk nhi phuncha h jiska speed post no. 508091709 h kya aapke office m phunc gya h agr han to plz use jldi foward krwa do m army m hun or 10 tarikh ko chala jaunga plz help me…

  5. surinder pal

    I am a subscriber of bsnl phone no; 01978274219 in the name of rup singh. when ever i went to pay my bill to post office bharari 174027 all the persons are busy in writing the account of rd,s. they do not accept bills saying that come after day or two. this gives us harashment. please take the appropriate action.

    thanking you

    surinder pal


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