Ladies Park Then and Rani Jhansi Park Now…


“The Himachal High Court has banned political rallies in the
Ladies Park (also known as Rani Jhansi Park), saying such activities defeated the purpose for which the park was developed.”

This news made me go back to theLadies Park traveling down my memory lanes! What was the basic purpose behind the setting up and development of theLadies Park? I think, no one, in our times thought much about the basic purpose behind all the facilities that were being provided. It was just taken for granted. During our childhood, we lived in the Lower Bazaar area of the town where the open space for playing was really limited and Sundays not only meant freedom from the weekly regimen but an opportunity to go to the Ladies park and play for endless hours. Looking back, I find that this was a matter of convenience for my parents as well to have some time to them selves when we would be away!

2 thoughts on “Ladies Park Then and Rani Jhansi Park Now…

  1. Renu

    Hi Saroj,

    I was looking for Dogri Songs sung by Lata and that is how I found your site……..must have been my lucky day. I can relate to most of your straight from heart feelings as I spent my sixtees and seventees in Shimla too and still miss it very much. I could never go back but still has a dream that someday….

    Thanks a lot for sharing this experience. Can I ask for a favour, I have been looking for Dogri folk songs sung by Lata…I used to love them and still cant’ remember any other than (Bhala Sapahiya Dogria….) Please do you remember any other and have any idea from where I can get the CD or a Audio cassett or if the lyrics are available on any website.

    Will wait to hear from you. I don’t even know how these blogs work. Will you reply to me on my email or on this website………anyway I will keep checking

    Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to You

    Love and Hugs

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