Letter to my Little One–5


A Room of One’s Own

October 02, 2006

Dear Little one,
Yesterday when you called me to tell about your search for a rented accommodation, I could not help smile as my little one has become really a big girl! You seemed tired of calling up different people to enquire about the accommodation and the search for a “room of your own” took longer than you had thought it to be. During your subsequent calls to me during your project “House Hunt”, you came up with so many shades of your mental status. In one you seemed unhappy as the area or the people didn’t seem good, during another call you were happy as having found a suitable accommodation! I was happy but the next call again put me off as the house owner refused on the plea that someone else had taken it up. You seemed so sad. But dear it was not end of the world as it seemed to you at that time! I wanted you to learn this truth of life and you did learn it. Late in the evening, when you called me up, you sounded great as the hunt had come to an end and you had got a house of your dream. This time nothing went wrong. You were all praise for Manuj for having helped you find this house for you. So, my little one, now you must have understood that the search always ends and you get what you want and also that someone comes to help you find what you desire! Thanks Manuj for being such a help to my little one!

So now when you have got a “room of your own” you must keep certain things in your mind. Though I need not tell all these things to you but the mother in me feels it to be her duty to tell you about some points that I am concerned about.

I am sure that you must have read and appreciated Virgines Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own.” What she writes in those essays is of great significance to all women of all times. She emphasizes, “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is going to write.” How very right! And I am so happy for you that now you would have money of your own as well as a room of your own. Now on, I don’t want any excuse from you for not writing. I know that you write very well, (it is not a mother but a teacher that is making these observations about your writing style) but always had been waiting for a more appropriate time. So, the time has come when you must start writing seriously. Once you begin you’ll find a kind of freedom m that you might have never experienced earlier. I am feeling the onset of a new phase in your life when you start afresh as an individual. Did you not want so strongly to get away from the shadow of the “Bargad tree”, so now is that time to start anew and pay attention towards your intellectual growth.

Apart from this, you have to be careful about other aspects of life as well which I would dwell upon in my next letter to you. You many be away from the “Bargad tree” but you cannot be away from the influence that it will cast upon you! Get away from me if you can! I want you to explore the strength and potential of your inner strength by making the best use of the freedom of the mind supplemented by freedom you get in the “room of your own”!

I conclude by quoting once again Virginia Woolf “There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of the mind”?




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