Revisiting Shimla…


I am simply ecstatic! I am revisiting Shimla.
What makes me look forward to this Shimla visit is the feeling that when I come back, I would b a changed person. Rejuvenated. This is what Shimla does to me. I feel young both at heart and spirits, if not in other spheres and this good feeling comes to me from breathing the very air of Shimla. When Long back I read “Gone with the wind”, I liked it immensely for two characters—the practical Rhett Butler and the undauting Scarelett! Though the end of the novel made me sad but the positive outlook of Scarlettt filled me with hope. She felt that a visit to “Tara” her home, would make everything alright. I, too, feel the same way when I visit Shimla! It is always like a homecoming for me, the place where I spent formative years of my life. Every place fills me with memories and a surge of emotions overwhelms the very being of mine!

I am simply filled with exultation!


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