It is a New Day


Its a New Day, a New Beginning 


Life at every step

is a beginning

of a new day

of a new choice

of a new path, a new way.

A new journey

to the unknown destination

Sometime peace

and at times commotion

make up and sway

the treacherous way.


A dim light

or a bright ray

make up the world

a heaven to stay.

Paths may betray

bleeding hearts may pray

but the brave don’t give up

and calm they stay.

The morning sun

soothing the ruffled hearts

in the morning sheen,

Scorching in the noon

Making people rush

To safe enclosures

taking protective measures.

But the golden hue

of evening bids adieu

to heat and dust.

The unfailing trust

in life energy

fills the life with gust

the golden rays

show myriad ways

and fill the world

with a light sublime

when it is the time

for it to go and rest

having done the best

for all alike

friends and foes

in happiness and woes.

You too

make up the world

stand up and be counted

as you did

while taking first steps

on the hard ground

fell down and cried

for having been hurt.

But didn’t you get up

to walk again

and with a vigour

and added zeal

to regain

the needed skill and style

to walk that extra mile

without taking offence

that made the difference.

It is another day

a new beginning

let past be a sway

of mired dreams

your cries and screams

are a story of past

write another much vast

on the canvas of life

full of mirth and strife.

Rise like the sun

and fill all around

with frolic and fun

sustain life and energy

and use this synergy

to shine like a sun.

stand, run not to stop

fill the world with joy and hope


Darkness is Not Forever 

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