Letter to my Little One


Flying to Freedom
September 24, 2006

Dear Little one,
At this point of time when I write this post to you, you are flying–both literally and metaphorically! I am having mixed feeling at this moment—if on one hand the mother in me is feeling sad as a bond that held us together is getting weakened as now on there would be so many changes coming in your life, where I would be a part of your life but not the only part of it! And on the other hand I am ecstatic as well as who would not dream of a bright future for one’s child. Today I am reminiscing of your words that you would use so many times in a joking manner, “Ma, you are like a Bargad tree and how can anyone grow under your shade?” You might have felt stifled under my protective shade my dear but today when you fly to a new world of freedom, I am happy that you are much stronger and capable than you were earlier. My shade was not to stifle your growth but to provide you a protective cover so that you acquire the requisite strength before venturing out. The world out is cruel and harsh and you with your gentle and caring nature might have become a prey to its cruel ways. But this shade has given you the strength—both moral and psychological to go and face it squarely.

My little one, you are strong and capable to handle whatever might come your way and a sense of relief overwhelms me to think that you would be, now onwards, a bit ruthless as well to handle ruthless situations. This is what is required to survive in this world. Don’t just keep me as your role model as I lived in a different times and among different people but do keep your basic gentle and caring nature intact as this is what you are in reality. You have to be tactful as well at times so that no one can ever take you for a ride.

I am no longer afraid as I know you well. You are a strong person and know it well that your decisions would be governed by both heart and mind. This would give a balanced approach to your handling of unforeseen situations. I would miss you and honestly speaking I am being a little selfish when I think that now onwards I would be one of the parts of your life and not the only part of it! You would have many more relationships to enter into and I want you to give them as much importance to them as you give to the one that you share with me. I would be contended being a part of your life as you deserve a full life. You don’t deserve a life under an old Bargad tree that would fall one day and if you don’t move out, you might be buried under its dead weight. I would never want that to happen to you so go my dear, fly to your new life a life of freedom. And who would understand it better than your Ma that this freedom has come to you after such a painful life.

A little while ago, when you called m up, I could detect the same old vibrant hue in your voice and it made me real happy. Keep it up and be happy always. Though once in awhile do come to the shade of the Bargad tree to rejuvenate and go back again to take the world in your stride. Remember the tag line that you had made your signature line—Born to Win—now is the time to make it true. Fly to a life of freedom as you are born to win!



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