Life Together

I had planned to have this last week together to ourselves only but the work pressure seems to take the charm out of this last week together with my little one. But is it the quantity or the quality of time together that we wart to spend together. No doubt it is the quality. What I had planned was to have long walks where we could talk to each other without anything else obtruding our attention. Listening to our favorite song numbers at full blare and sitting in the verandah sipping tea and discussing books and their characters and of course some characters from the real life as well. As we have learnt that the real  life happenings and characters are more than interesting.

But nothing of the planned sort could happen. It has been a work filled week for both of us but still we stole some moments from it and went to market, not just to buy something but to have a round of the market; to feel the familiar ambience of a small town charm.

Probably it was to savour the feeling of the place and the people that she wanted to take along. We both were silent on way back home as each knew that such days would be much difficult to be back in our life. Back home everything seems to be in shambles. Heaps of clothes lying out of the cupboards make it a difficult task as she has to make a judicious selection of what to take and what to leave behind. I wondered is it not the same way with life that we weed out the memories that we want to get away with. I let her make her own choice instead of giving my wise counsel. She has lots to do. Some new Kurtas still in the process of making, some jeans to be cut a little! I want to be of help to her but end up messing up things for her. Is it not that I have always been like?

I want to take her for a long walk when we would just walk hand in hand and not talk much. I think of the poem where I had penned my fear of being left behind and it has come true. But would I stop her now? No. I would not but would always wait her to come back to me with the same innocence and charm that I send her armed with!

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