Letter to my Little One–1


Dear Little One,

You are about to go and I am so sad. The guiding Mantra these days is work, work and more work for me as well as for you, my little one. Is it not a very convenient arrangement for both of us as it makes us both happy? Working together we spend quality time together. As you have to go very soon, leaving me behind, I want to collect as many good and happy memories of the time having spent together as I can! These good memories would make my life when I would be alone but not lonely! How time passes and old time once slipped from our hands never returns. I really wonder why do people waste time in activities that bring out the worst that we are capable of why not to bring the best out of any relationship? But it needs two people to make a relationship and if one goes on trying his best the other just sits placidly or even worse tries to snap the relationship, how would it work! I am so happy at having you to me solely. At least we have so much in common and in spite of occasional differences, we are able to at least see other’s view point and that savours the sweetness of our relationship. I don’t know what might happen in the future but memories of this time spent together, I sure would cherish. I am really worried and scared, too, at times to think how you would manage on your own. But my little one, you are just like me, a fighter to the core when it comes to fight against injustice. This gives me strength to think about your success in all situations that test your integrity and moral strength. I know you would neither fail me nor your ownself on this account!

You are sleeping peacefully immersed in a world that you alone know about and I sit watching you and wonder about the times you would have to rush all the time. The light turquoise khadi kurta that you embridered yesterday and embellished with mirrors is lying nearby telling me the proud truth about your creativity, the bronze khandi kurta that you have hand painted in golden paint, fills me with the golden dreams for your life ahead! How very creative you are! Sometimes I really wonder where you have learnt all this from. Though it is work, work and more work for both of us but this is what we have come to enjoy especially when both of us are there to empower each other.

Honestly confessing, I know that you are brave enough to lead your life without any support from me but I feel weak thinking of my life without you!

I am really afraid what I will do without you my dear little one!


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