Teaching—A Passion or a Profession for Me?

September 5, 2006

When I opened my mailnox in the morning and came across mails from students, old and present, wishing me a Happy Teachers’ Day, I wondered about the truth about my profession.

When I entered the class and found them to be waiting to wish me, I once again questioed my self anout the choice that I had made soem 25 years back, to be a teacher. Looking back, I find that I have the same zeal and passion for teaching that I had the day I first entered the class.

Teaching is more than a profession to me, it is a PASSION.

2 thoughts on “Teaching—A Passion or a Profession for Me?

  1. Prashant...!!

    Dear Madam,

    I hope you remember me,, though your heart/mind wants to forget/delete the name ‘Prashant’ from its directory… Because, as you told not all the Prashants are same….!! Am I ri8 Mam?

    I visited your homepage/blog on wordpress.com. It’s so nice. It just takes the reader on an interestingly nice pavement. And, I tell you by my own experience that your writing/thoughts makes others to think. Yup, its really “Stright from Heart…….”

    Anyway Mam, how was your trip to Bangalore and Hubli. Now, I guess, you must have really empowered some of the Hubli folks who participated in that workshop through your lectures.

    Mam, I request you send a reply to me at my e-mail ID pacificmg@gmail.com

    with warm regards,

    cherrio and solong,

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