Clipped Wings

I wanted to soar the sky

with open wings flying high.

You, too, claimed to dream

of flying beyond the confines!

Finding a soul mate

to help me soar higher

my fluttering heart

pumped more dreams

of togetherness

of love supreme.

The dreamy eyes

could not visualize

the onset of dark time.

The winds of storm

Swooped and seized


the flights promised of

dreamy goings-on

crashed face down.

Nipped buds, bleeding hearts

a life galore

made to suffer

tears weighing down

the wings so dear

a flight of fancy cut short

a destination

unaccomplished and blocked.

But life goes on

with crippled gait

cursing the fate

we crawl ahead

the dream to fly

is callously dead

wish to walk

straight backed

with head held high

is a dream of past

and we just crawl

to earthy grave

the dimmed eyes

don’t even dare to see

the overhead open sky

where we both  wanted to FLY.


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