Getting Rid of Clutter From My Life

books-clu.jpg Find a Book if you Can!

Over some time there has been accumulation of clutter in almost all areas of my life resulting in blocking the creative energy to help me grow. It is high time that I take stock of the situation and get rid of all the clutter in my life.

It is really a good beginning as I slept peacefully last night. I had cleaned the computer of much clutter and this resulted in much free space on its hard disc which was earlier filled with trash. Next in line are my cupboards overflowing with clutter. My mind, too, needs thorough cleansing and this is the hardest part of getting rid of clutter from my life. But at least the process has started and the adage, well begun is half done, is quite applicable in my case as well.

 clothes-clu.jpgIs it the Wardrobe of a Lady?

Have you ever wondered how we keep on stuffing material around us? Things that we would, perhaps, never need or use take so much of our energy and space. When I look at my overflowing cupboard, to clean it up seemed like a Herculean task. And if you ever watch me getting ready for my class, you would see me frantically searching for something decent to wear! Most of my energy would b wasted in finding the clothes. If I find a suit, the matching dupatta would be hard to come by and if I find a pressed saree, the blouse would just be impossible to locate in the heap of clothes. When I started to put my cupboard in shape, I found most of the clothes of no use but still occupying a large space in my cupboard. It was a hard decision to get rid of many of them as each of them carried some pleasant memories of “once upon a time”!

toys.jpgJoys of Toys

Then there is a big heap of newspapers especially the magazine sections that I love to go over. But this heap has also to be disposed off. I sit for long hours scanning all the newspapers and put on one side all those that I might read again or need sometimes later. This heap starts bulging and the irony is that I may not ever read it again. But I cannot discard these hard to get jewels.

The biggest and deadliest place to be cluttered is the computer. I have put so many things on my PC that sometimes it is hard to locate many of the files. As I am not very systematic in other fields of my life the same reflects in my file management on my PC as well. There are a number of articles that I have left in between but cannot just delete those files. May be one day I will finish them—seems to be the guiding mantra! So many photographs, internet downloads, material left unused from my research take a very large part of the hard disk. My son often reprimands me for this and asks me to shift all that clutter to my office PC. The least I say about my office PC, the best it would be as it is all the more cluttered because of the course material, results and so many other official documents!

These are the physical spaces that are cluttered with unwanted material and are visible to a keen observer but my mind that is well hidden from others is the worst place that is full to the brim with clutter. At least with other storage places, the physical limitations are well defined. I cannot go on stuffing a place more than it is capable of taking. But mind is limitless! One can go on and on filling it up and widening its horizons. Now the choice is yours—to fill it up with things good and a joy to keep or with memories painful and a burden to carry? I have been harbouring many a negative thoughts in the biggest and the most complex of the hard disk of mine—my mind—for a long time. These would come up at times to mar my day and mood. But I questioned myself—is it worth? The answer was plain and simple—NO. Not at any cost. Life is too short to harbour bad memories. One must keep them as guiding stones, a lighthouse, to guide for the safe passage of life, but never as a hindrance to further growth.

This simple truth dawned upon me last night when I decided to give a face lift to my cluttered wardrobe and I promise to get rid of everything that has cluttered my home, life, mind and soul!

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