A Golden Strand of Hair

jpegjpegI still am in search of a golden strand of hair! Strange it may seem to all that why would I search for such a hair? Strange but true.

The childhood memories always pull me back and whenever in a dilemma, I try retrieving some reference from the storehouse of my childhood memories to get an answer from. As I have been deluded with a number of problems recently; like all normal human beings I, too, leave it to destiny and God to solve them. Leave alone the mental and psychological low state that I find myself in, even physically too I have some problem to be careful of. And it was on account of these that I thought of the golden strand of hair!

When I was a very young child, I came to the shrine of Baba Balak Nath in Hamirpur District. As this was my first visit to this part of the state and as I was always a very keen student to learn new things, a new world opened up in front of my eyes. A world of faith in power supreme. It was during this visit that among other souvenirs some book having the story of the shrine was also purchased. I literally read each word of the book related to the story of the shrine and about Baba Balak Nath Ji. The portion of the book that dealt with Baba Ji having given one of the strands of his golden hair to Mata Rattni Devi so that she could summon him whenever the need arose made an indelible impression on my young mind.

How I wished to have such a power in my hand to summon Him whenever the need arose! And for me it was almost everyday, rather every moment of the day. I had to get this famous strand of hair! And I thought of the luxurious growth of golden hair on the young crown of Baba Ji and thought what would he lose if he gives me just one strand out of that!

I prayed fervently to Baba to grant me, too, a golden strand of his hair! I can see, even today, the drawing on that page where Rattni Devi was receiving his darshna and this famous strand. I would pray to him throughout night, till my eyelids would close of fatigue, to put a strand in the same book at some place for me. Next day early in the morning with trembling hands would open the book to search for the strand of golden hair but alas it would not be there. I would feel cheated but optimistic as I always have been since my childhood, next day the same routine would be repeated.

Now a reasonably mature person I appreciate the devotion and trust that I had during my childhood and find that I have carried that trust along. Though honestly speaking now when I pray to God to grant my wish, I add to be on the safer side, if it would be for our good! Even today I pray to god for so many things but these days the childhood die-hard-trust has been replaced with some uncertainties as I know how difficult it is for God to grant us what we ask for. But ask I must for granting many boons. Over the years, I have turned greedy too. Now my wishes and demands have multiples manifold.

But one thing that has not changed is the little girl in me still searching for the golden strand of hair as a panacea for all my problems.


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