From Darkness to Light

Sun Setting  From Darkness to Light

When darkness seems to engulf,

all that enlightens me

when threats and uncertainty

incapacitate me to see,

the reason and the cause.

A divine intervention

somewhere from afar

and unknown

comes and uplifts

my sagging spirits

and  fills my heart

with desires anew.

Fervour, passion and zeal

fill my mind, body and soul.

The wounds of yesterday

begin an onset to heal.

My bruised soul

and battered psyche

distrusting temperament

whither away

when lightning

moves away the demons

of yesterday.

Filled with memories

pains and dilemmas,

that had made me

move away from life

in all its magnificence.

I start trusting afresh

looking forward

to commence new deals

and life in all its loveliness.

I look at light

Admiring its sheen

And from the darkness

I move away and wean.

Focus on positive

makes me wean away

from all that had

robbed my each day

of love trust and zeal.

I really don’t know

how and when

my wounded soul heals.

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