Walking along the road…

Walking and jogging around,

Trudged we both together,

You made me feel proud

Though I was much behind

Whimpering at loss of speed,

And strength of my feet

That had trudged me

And made me beat

You as a child!

But I was elated

To see you run

and run much ahead

of your mother

who had made you learn

take faltering steps

holding you close

when you made some lapse

you needed me for support

love and care and a pat

on your back;

a kiss on your cheeks;

a peck behind your ear.

Today, I need you

to make me see

the world that surrounds

that my weak limbs

might impinge

from having a round.

Would I stop you?

Or ask you to decrease

your speed of life,

give a helping hand

to me in my strife

in keeping keep pace

with you and others.

In this unending race

where youth marches m

much ahead to win.

No. my dear, no.

I had my own time and joys

My own race against time,

when I was young and tough,

I lived my life.

Hoping to see you

trudge along

the paths set by destiny;

and leave me much behind.

As my loss is my greatest gain

To see you march ahead.

A much awaited joy

With not an iota of pain!

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