Answers that Elude Me…

I am searching for some answers and in quest thereof have tried various means. Astrology is one that helps me find answers to my questions but, here too, I become subjective and try reading the predictions as I want them to. If I find something wrong in the readings, I start seeing the person that way and if see something good then start questioning the veracity of the horoscope reading. But one thing is for certain that planets do affect our life.

Dreams are another way to help me find answers. I have always believed that when you are in doubt, leave the solution in hands of God and your dreams would be the way God talks to you. So these days I have become very dependent on my dream analysis but the problem is that sleep evades me and when I don’t sleep, how can I dream? During many phases of my life my intuition, through my dreams, has always been helpful to me but not this time as neither do I sleep nor do I dream!

Next come books, some books that have answers to human quest to seek the answers to the mystery called life. One such book is “The message of Lotus”. The writer, a Bodh Monk, tells in that book the philosophy of happiness and misery that all human beings are subject to on this earth. A chapter from the book gave me so much of relief as it says that it is because of the deeds of our past lives that we come across some people who become cause of our happiness or miseries. The best is to accept whatever is happening as there is no way out for the human destiny other than acceptance.

When it is not in hands of human beings to even try to get what he is not destined for, why to feel bad as well. We all are instruments in the hands of some divine power that has to see the good of the whole rather than some individuals. So whatever is happening, accept it as your destiny and move forward.

I wish I could be in a position to implement all these words of wisdom to my life but as I am an ordinary human being, with vested interests and outlook, I fail to imbibe such great lesson in my life.

Yes, but I do give all these sermons to others who care to listen to my advise. Now is it not being smart? A motivational speaker, pseudo-intellectual, in the making may be!  


One thought on “Answers that Elude Me…

  1. Hulk

    Nie trzeba sie we wszystkim opierac na tym co przeczytasz w horoskopie czy w niebie 😛 Człowiek jest taki jaki sam chce byc (choć czasem myśli ze nie ma kontroli nad wlasnym życiem to jest w błędzie) 🙂
    bye 🙂

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