The Show Must Go On

photoBlooming in Morning

The winters are exceptionally bountiful to the mountainous regions as they not only bring a cheer to the life of the persons but the nature too seems to be extra liberal to the luxurious greenery all around. The winter flowers add to the sun-bathed winter ambience and the persons rejoice in a new-found life. Our campus is no exception.The flowerbeds outside the main building of our campus are a joy to behold during the winters as the flowers in myriad hues lift the sagging moods and fill the heart with joy. Like many others, I, too, used to stand near the flowerbeds before entering the working area. It would rejuvenate the spirits, already buoyed by the early morning sun!

But sometimes when the mood is low and spirits sagging, one starts looking at the best of the things with a critical and negative mindset. It was during such winters last time that owing to extreme workload both at home and office, I was literally in a very low spirits. I had become listless and even the daily tasks had become awesome for me. It would be an effort for me to pull myself together and face another workday. I had developed a feeling of self negation that resulted in very low self-esteem. This time around, a friend sent me a forward that spoke about the MNCs work culture in general but was equally applicable to any other organization as well. I started thinking about the work life of an individual, especially in a service industry, when in spite of his having given the best, the acclaim never comes the way it should. This was a time when I was having a low morale and nothing seemed to uplift my mood. I started looking at the flowers and found an alalogy between our life and that of the flowers. These brave souls would try giving the bestto the onlookers throughout the day and would tolerate the sun, wind and even occasional plucking as well, only because they stood for bringing a smile to the face of the beholders! Is it not what we as teachers try to do? We, too, like these flowers withstand criticism, jabs, sneers only because somewhere inside us is a hope to bring about a change in the lives’ of the people we interact with. But what a price one has to pay! It was during such a time that these flowers taught me a great lesson.

photoDrooping By Evening

It was a time when the flowers in different hues were in full bloom in the flowerbeds outside the main building of our Institute. I would reach the Institute early in the morning and would admire the nature’s and the horticulture Department’s gift to us, the beholders. The flowers would fill my heart with a desire to be smiling and cheerful like the flowers. But late in the evening, when I would be going home, the flowers would seem to be lying low, just like me! I would be feeling bad to look at what “always-smiling” attitude does to someone. In an attempt to fill others’ life with happiness, the flowers would loose their own shine and would look ebbed away.

The best thing was that next day; once again having recouped its energy and strength, the same flowers would again be smiling and doing a great service to the humanity. At least to me it was a great lesson to learn as I looked forward to meet, once again, my students with the same vigour and love that stood for the real me.

I was so inspired by this small but important lesson that nature has taught me that the next day I snapped the flowers in the morning, in their majestic bloom, and again in the evening, when they looked tired and bereft of any zeal!

Thanks for making me learn that whatever may happen, try giving the best to the world as the show must go on!

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