Hearing Your Voice…

685673524107_0_alb.jpgI was about to leave for the Institute when the phone bell rang. As I was not in a mood to take any call at this time, I asked the little one to pick it up. I had barely moved to the door, when she cried, “It is Nidhi Ma!” I ran back and literally snatched the receiver from her hands. “Nidhu!” it was all that I could speak and after that my throat choked up and I seemed to have lost my voice. But the voice on the other end went on without registering any change. Is it that we are where we were and you have moved ahead?

We talked to you a long time. I felt as if I wanted only to hear your voice and what the contents were didn’t matter much. Was it because the tone of one’s voice speaks much more that what the actual message is. Your voice reflected pure joy and bliss and I was so happy for you. We both wanted to hear to your voice so we called you from the other phone and listened to you with the speaker on. The manner, style, tone, and intonation of your voice, everything spoke for you. We didn’t want to say anything but just listen to you. My ever eloquent mouth suddenly became silent and devoid of words.

“Mummy” you shouted like a young kid, “you know, I prepared channas yesterday and they were sooooo tasty!” The pure ecstasy in your voice made me realize the joy that you must have got to understand the long held belief that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! I am so happy that you are learning the ways of life without my having tutored you to any. I realized that it was not my “daughter” but a wife that was talking to me at this stage.

Next she talked to the little one and what they talked about, I have no idea as now the speakers were put off. Nidhi wanted to talk and talk about her new life and we wanted to hear about it all. But all things must come to an end and same happened with this call as well. It was the little one who was talking to her when they both decided to talk some other time and end this call. “Okay, Bye Nidhu…some other time…soon again.” Said the little one. “Yes, take care…Bye.” The little one was still holding the receiver in her hand, I asked her to put it down, looking into my eyes with her tear dimmed eyes, she said, “But she has not put it down!”

Something hit me hard inside! How difficult it is to snap a long distance call with a loved one when both of you know that you can reconnect any time that you want to, and people snap ties for the life without having any prick of conscience and when they know it quite well that to reconnect is just impossible!

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