From Arts to Astrology

From Painting to Patchwork

Paintings and Patchwork 

An interesting journey it has been from the arts to astrology.

Ever since my childhood I always have been looking for possibilities to do something different. Everything would seem as a new challenge for me. An empty space, a plain wall, a dull and drab suit, you name the thing and I would come out with ideas to embellish it. Though I had been quite creative and imaginative from my very childhood but I gave a serious thought to do something in diverse fields only after reading one of the essays written by Peter Drukker. In that essay he has written that a person should learn diverse subjects if he really wants to grow. I am passionate about my inner growth and this makes me innovate with new and challenging ideas and I embark upon a new journey.


It was painting that took me by storms, many years back. I always was interested in making sketches but painting was something that I had never tried my hands on. But once I started with painting, there was nothing to beat me. I literally painted the town red! It was oil painting that I enjoyed the most and made so many paintings that one can easily find paintings discarded in every nook and corner of my home. I would paint anything that I would get hold of. Looking at these paintings reminds me of the particular moments and emotions that went into the making of them. Some of them that I made after my exams were to get relieved of the pressure that had built up inside me and some made after the declaration of the result depicted the rage that I had against the system. Each painting has a story behind it.


But I claim honestly that I always have been a “second hander”, I copy others paintings and while doing so try giving my individual style to it but never have been the original creator like the legendry Howard Roark!


After painting, it was “Tie and Dye”, the famous art of Bandhini of Rajasthan, that captured my fancy. I bought lengths and lengths of cotton cloths in light shades and would dye them in various colours and designs. I would tie up cereals or coins to make new designs and put the cloth in the sun to dry up. I was like a child who wanted to see whet he has created and would be waiting for the moment when these tied up notches would be opened. You must make one tie and dye creation to experience the joy that it gives you. I dyed almost everything that I could! In our home, except for my husband’s Kurta Pyjama, literally everything had tie and dye designs , be it the bed spreads, cushions, suits, skirts, curtains etc. etc. We were literally surrounded with colour in our life at that time!

Next in line was embroidery and patch work. I became so passionate with embroidery of all kinds that would be busy making and inventing new stitches! And patch work in contrasting colours would add beauty to the dull and drab suits and sarees and dupattas. I would be seen sitting bent over cloth and making new designs. It was so rewarding when you felt that you possessed a magic touch in your hands and with that can transform anything. Like a magic wand with which an ugly duckling could be transformed into a beauty!

It was Hamir festival time in the town and the ADC who happened to know me personally because we had been fellow contenders at one time, suggested to put these things for exhibition. I was not ready initially but later on thinking that it might provide a boost up to others to do similar tasks, I agreed. “Srijan” was the name of my stall where I displayed all my creations. I am thankful to my students who helped me in organizing this by rendering all possible help. Thanks!

It is Astrology that I am deep into these days. I am immersed in reading horoscopes and I find it such an enriching experience as I delve into the mysterious and unknown! It keeps me occupied and busy. Reading horoscopes is a difficult task and the only thing that I have come to realize is that either one must have the intuitive power and a very clean heart to go along with or one must be very well versed in the study to predict accurately. I have made charts of all the members of my family n one single paper and read them simultaneously. It is such a joy to see my kids sitting around me one more time to know about the future. But I have realized one thing that if you know the person whose chart you are reading, you tend to become subjective and predict subjectively. To be impartial, one needs to be objective in one’s approach and this is something that we don’t do. My interest in Astrology goes back to 1982 when I first read the Astrological Magazine edited by C V Raman. Even today I carry that edition with me and keep on studying some of the articles and charts. I was really amused when one of my children commented “You have become old as you are not able to comprehend a magazine and have to re-read it many times over.” It is true, I read and re-read the articles and every reading gives me something new.

During my visit to Bangalore another task on my agenda was to buy some books authored by this great astrologer but like some other agendas it, too, was unaccomplished. But then it was not the only time and the opportunity, some other time may be.

I would welcome if some of my readers send me their horoscopes for analysis so that I know how accurately I can read. But the condition is that I must not know anything about your life or you as a person. Only then I would be able to predict “objectively” whatever little I have come to understand about Astrology.

One thought on “From Arts to Astrology

  1. Shashi Palia

    Dear Maam

    Reading your articles in himwani is a pleasure itself. I belongs to Palampur and like you I feel proud to be Himachali. All your thought are similar to me and I feel they all are coming straight from my heart.But like you I am not as good to express them.

    I would like to sand my horoscope to you for readind so please tell me where and how I can send it to you.

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