Empty Nest


Empty nest faces me,

a vacant look, a loneliness

surrounds and engulfs

my body, soul, mind.

The photo albums,

your clothes in closet

that you left behind

are all that make me feel

your presence in all corners.

Hidden from the naked eye

you lie beneath layers of mind

every little thing helps me remind

of how I took your presence

for sure, for granted.

Scolding you for things small

and insignificant

that today make me

feel guilty and accountable

for all that I didn’t say

when you were here

with me to live and stay.

I could never tell you

the love and delight

sunshine and the light

that you filled in my life.

Today with a mother’s pride

I can say

all that I made you learn

the values, dignity

love, trust and purity;

you carry as a bride

to a new world

that would test your patience.

But like a true daughter

to your mother

and to uphold

the family

you would come out a winner,

and fill the world of your own

with love and laughter.

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