To My Daughter

Not so long ago it seems

you came to my life

to make me aware

of my relation with my mother

to bring sweetness in it

instead of the strife

that in name of independence

of my being

I loved displaying.

As now I was a mother

and could see concerns

that irritated me earlier

for being tough and severe,

were my mother’s love

and adoration

to help me see reason

that my youth and freedom

wanted to tear away from.

I loved you dear

and also my mother

as I was the bond between

two separate generations

two different people,

and a new relation.

Your love alone could bond

and made me see my wrongs

of having made my mother cry.

You really, dear, made me strong

to own and confess

how wrong had I been

at times.

As not having seen

the realities that bond

the mother and child

in an inseparable tie,

where love, care, and trust

make us women to strive

to make this world

a better place to live

and to die.

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