Wake Up Call

These lines just came out while travelling in a train. The insensitivity of the husband towards his wife was really intolerable for me. I wanted to give his toothbrush in his hands if this would have given some respite to the poor woman whiojust jumped to do her wifely duty, without complainig. Some manliness indeed and that too when so many people watched your authority.

When she lay peacefully

Breastfeeding your son,

You wanted toothbrush

With paste applied

To be supplied

In your hands!

Were you blind to

Silent pleas in her eyes,

Her protesting body

Her suppressed sighs

And you claim and vouch

To know her well

With conceit and pride

Would everyone tell

She is my wife

Mother of my son

My soul mate my bride.

Such a male pride

For someone who

Loves and cares

Would never ever bare

The injury to her soul

When in love you play foul.

Wake up man and learn

To appreciate her sacrifice

She makes without protest

As she is the wife.

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