What makes me Proud of being a Himachali

I travel a lot and most of the time by night buses. But do I feel insecure while traveling in Himachal? Never. I find traveling alone quite safe. I talk to strangers en route and have made many friends during such journeys. I take all this for granted and never think about it much. But when people ask me how safe it is to travel alone during night times in Himachal, I wonder at the stupidity of the question as we have come to take certain things for granted and respecting women is one such thing.

This feeling was substantiated at a place much far off from my home state. I had gone to
Bangalore to attend a seminar on “Sexual Harassment at work places”. The organizer of the course, Dr. Rana, in his inaugural address talked, in general, about the occurrence of such crimes against women and the states where the occurrence was very high.Delhi topped the list and some other states, too, were not lagging behind in crime against women. I sat listening to the well documented reports. Dr. Rana asked all the participants to applaud the state that was very respectful towards women and guess the name of the state—Himachal!

I was really elated as in the entire group of 35 participants from all over the country I was the only one to represent Himachal. I stood up and thanked him. He further explained that the people still valued morality  and simplicity of life made Himachal still honour its women. I shared with the group some good things about Himachal and how safe it is for women. It is so safe. People respect you and help you out of their way. You can stay in the home of any stranger for a night if that is the only way out to you and you will be safe with your honour and money. Can anyone think of such a life anywhere else?

Back home from
Bangalore, I had three days to attend Swami Ramdev’s Yogsadhana camp that was in progress. Swami Ramdev was all praise for the people of Himachal. He admired the way people dressed up, the way they spoke and conducted themselves. He acknowledged that though he had traveled all overt he country and had interacted with many a people, he had not found such simplicity at any other place.So much so that he said jokingly that even the police in Himachal seem to be so polite and simple “seedhe-saade” as they don’t have to deal with hard criminals. Thank you Swami Ji.

Now two such remarks for Himachal and its people, coming from two entirely different sources cannot just be a coincidence. These have substantiated my conviction that it is the quality of life that maters and not the quantity that you have in your life. I am proud to be a Himachali!


25 thoughts on “What makes me Proud of being a Himachali

  1. Hello Saroji,
    One of my friends forwarded me the link to this article. However, I find myself as lucky to have found a wonderful blog.
    I’m editing a community blog on Himachal — http://www.himvani.com . We’d like Himvani to be a think tank. Also we have plans to foray into an NGO. However, for the moment I’d like to invite you to write for us at http://www.himvani.com. Only part is that we are young professionals in distinct fields and do this for the love of Himachal. So we won’t be able to pay you anything. However, we are also looking at it as a business proposition in future and when that happens we’ll surely compensate you. Also we have a Yahoo group – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/him-vani/ where we discuss developmental issues. But yes, we do have mundane fights too there. But then that’s bound to happen when you are a group of over 350 people.
    I’d invite you to be a member of that group too and join us in discussions.

    And yes, I liked some of your poems here. I too am a poet and a short-story writer.
    Thanking you and hoping for a positive response from you.

  2. Thanks each one of you. I am really motivated to write more about Himachal and its people. I am sure that you all, whereever, you may be, would be spreading the warmth of relationship that we Himachalis are so famous for!

  3. Jeewa Nand Joshi

    Saroj Mam,
    I am not a regular writer nor having skills of good writing but as i read yuor views in the blog , it prompt me to write something. Mam although I am also a Himachali and currently working as a software financial analyst in Delhi, but the desire and visit to my home state make me so refreshing and the behaviour of my own peoples of Himachal remind me my childhood days. Upto university level study we didn’t relised the value of being Himachali and the social structure of my state , at that time we believe that we are very backward but when i see and observed the farwardness of the other states peoples , i wish to God please do not make our people forward , just keep us backward so that we should not lose our distinct identity. In area of self respect , helpfullness, innocense, respect toward womens,quality of life, tranquility of life and simple liveing without any fear and worry all these things are unique in my Himachal. Here we see even son is waiting to decieve his father, mother is decievingher son, doughter is decieving her parents so on and so on, no value no ethics no morality………. what to say more ………

  4. sandeep chauhan

    this is sandeep chauhan here.i was born in chirgaon in distt. shimla and brought up in delhi.i am graduate and have first class diploma in elect. engg.i am doing my business of auto spare parts in and around delhi.i visit my native place thrice a year and find it cool calm and peace full. during this time i take care of my apple orchard.i also have a piece of land in chirgaon alongside highway.in near future if i see some opportunity in any business i plan to get settled there.i would like to spend my life in the lap of nature, where life is stressfree, crimefree and there is no blind race for money

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  6. Ravinder Bhanwal

    Hello all,

    Frankly speaking I am totally a delhi born Himachali. So, I dont have much more knowledge about proper Himachalis. But, looking into my elders behaviour, I am truly agree with the Topic saying, “What makes me Proud of being a Himachali”!


    Ravinder Bhanwal

  7. Rajinder Katoch

    I fully agree that even earlier when Himachal was given the state status, people in general remain honest and use to feel on the top of world on their return to their motherland from cities where they still work.

    Today, some external interferences are on like Gupta, Agrawals, Sikhs who using their money power may force government of the day to allow buy them land even in villages which is dangerous. Himachalis should not allow even the areas of cities to be extended at any cost because this means more external votes on our land and imbalance of power. Government has allowed construction of Gurudwaras and no new temple is made in himachal.

    Himachalis should not praise themselves for their honesty but keep themselves vigil against malafide interferences of the external forces.


    Rajinder Katoch

  8. Rajinder Katoch

    Another thing I want to add in my previous message that you vote for Congress and what Congress given to you in return. This year on Republic Day, Himachal tabloid had Buddhist and tibetian display of culture and our interest was sidelined. This is Congress. It is actually for money and money is with tibetian and not poor himachalis.

    I am sitting out of Himachal, but those who are active in the state should question this. Do they have guts?

    Rajinder Katoch

  9. v kapoor

    dear saroji
    i had been wanting to start a blog / website on my home state ‘himachal’ a land which i will never be far off from emotionally .
    I must say i was quite elated by narration of your incidents and i could not more agree with the views .
    we are from heart non complicated and value human emotions from heart .
    i would love to come back home some day and value add to this state of purity and simplicity .
    it’s moral values of respecting elders from whatever social or economic strata,for women and lead ahead with hard work and honesty has always stayed with me .
    i must admit even though i am physically moving all across the world ; my heart and soul is always in himachal

  10. reading these lines— What makes me Proud of being a Himachali « Straight from the…i am not able to withhold myself to visit your blog.keep your spirit high to be a simple himachli.frankly speaking I love this spirit.

  11. Shashi Poonam

    Himachal is very beautiful land I am equally proud to be a himachali.people in generaly very honest and use to feel on the top of world on their return to their motherland from cities where they still work.I fully agree that even earlier when Himachal was given the state status.I am a reseARCH scolar, i read yuor views in the blog , it prompt me to write something.Actuly mam I am also a Himachali.And like it very much.
    Comment by Shashi Poonam— January,21, 2009

    Shashi Poonam
    NIT, Hamirpur

  12. Shri Krishan

    This is so true that Himachle,s people are very honest and hard wordking. My wife is from Himachal and I am so lucky having her my wife. I am not from Himacle but persoanlly i feel now since i married her that i am himachali too. Such a beautiful place in inida.

  13. Sandeep chauhan

    well i am basically from jaunsar bawar region of uttarakhand which is bordering region of of sirmaur district in himachal pradesh.prior to independence this region was in nahan district and was a part of himachal region.we have the same culture,social and family structure as observed in himachal pardesh.i just wanna say pahari people are the best people in the world.thats why god choses to be with them.

  14. Sumit

    Himanchal is a land of GOD’s till today. We got innocence in blood and it will goes on till a single Himanchli reamins on this planet.

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