Red, Blue, Black and Green Inks…

Never did I realize the power of the green ink! I knew that red ink was the ine to be afraid of as it was the colour that my teacher marked my papers with and a red ciircle would announce a mistake! I was afraid of red colour as it signified danger to me. Blue was the colour, I wrote my papers in and would keep on changong from royal blue to black blue to do my best so far the presentation was concerned. Now a mature person (only I think so) I use black in my Parker pen to write with, as this is the colour that I like the best. But it is never pure black, the colour of the parken black ink comes out on the pages a slightly dark grey! I evaluate the papers of my students with black colour pen so that they do not develop a sense of awe for the colour red. And I use black so that they know and understand a big lesson of the life that it is the grey colour that they must be wary of! It is the zone which has your own people who have turned from white to grey and you don't even understand that they are not to be trusted. The deaadliest zone of all the colous! But green is the colour that signifies power. Whatsoever may be the mode of your writing or the colour of the ink that you use–it is the green colour that makes the decision. This is the colour that owershadows all rational/irrational pleas. I understand the power of the green colour but am not in a position to use that colour in my pen. I wonder who made this convention of using green colour for persons at the helm of the affairs? Is it a unwritten code of conduct that we have started to follow without looking for the rationale behind it? And more important is the question–what stops us as individuals to use green colour in our pens?

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