As soon as the caller at the other end identified himself as Anuraj Jha, no other introduction was needed as I was able to place the picture of a young bespectacled boy, hailing from Nepal, who sat in my class many years back. But why this call after such a long gap of about 4-5 years, was what surprised me. “Ma’am, are you alright?” Anuraj asked repeatedly. I was fine, absolutely fine but somehow he was not assured. He admitted that since last few days he was worried about me and wanted to contact me. I was suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of being connected to a boy and felt so close to him. It was with much difficulty that I controlled my voice as my throat felt choked and tears suddenly welled up in my eyes. There was nothing that should have saddened me but somehow the concern in his voice did all that and suddenly for numerous reasons, I felt like talking to him and sharing with him my anguish. Why and how could this boy  sense the state I was in? Why had he not called all these years but these days when he had a sudden urge to call me up, is something I would never be able to gauge.

But taking control of my emotions I talked about his life and what he was doing at present. Anuraj, a student from Nepal, had gone back to Nepal after his degree and after working for sometime in Nepal was on Fulbright Scholarship at some University in the
U.S. He was a sensitive boy, still is. I remember that when this batch was in first year some tragedy had taken place in our college where a young boy had died. When I a gave an assignment to the class to write with a freedom to select any topic to write on, I think it was Vishal Rana who suggested this freedom, Anuraj came up with a brilliant write up. He had written about the sudden and untimely demise of this young boy. Though his write- up had many grammatical mistakes in it, I selected it as an article for the college magazine for the rare sensitivity with which it was written. I think Anuraj has in him this rare ability to reach out to others and a sensitivity, may be a sixth sense that made him call me up at a time when I was really in a very bad phase of life. Anuraj wants to work for the UNO and the World Bank and I am sure he would be an asset to these organizations. I remember that he worked for “Save Children” project in Nepal as well. How many of us get a profession where we are able to use our special powers to such use. And we all have some unique and special power that, if utilized properly, can really bring about a change in society. I hope that his ability to reach out and make a change in the lives of others  be used in right direction. Is this not the purpose of life?

2 thoughts on “Tidings

  1. Kumar Anuraj Jha


    I am so surprised to read this! Forwarded by my mother-in-law and sitting at UN Headquarter in NY.I didnt realise that I had mentioned you about my desire to be at UN but I am surprised that you remembered.

    I still have so vivid memory of you. Whenever I think of REC days(now NIT)I cannot stop thinking about you and the way you interacted with us. You have been and remain to be a role model for me as a “teacher”.

    After graduating I worked as a teacher for a short time which was one of my most satisfying experience and then for the educational reforms. Presently I am working for peace, security and development.In all this work, I draw my inspiration and skill I learnt as a teacher.

    Thank you so much Mam for writing. I just want to give you a call.


  2. Pratik Shrestha

    My name is Pratik and I am from Nepal. Today, I was googling for the name “Kumar Anuraj Jha” and suddenly found this post. I am feeling so happy after reading this post and like to share straight from my heart.

    In his short time job as a teacher in Nepal, I was his student. And I honestly say that he became my best teacher in my four years in Bachelors. He was more than a teacher to me in the class. He inspired me. We used to meet outside the college and talk about different issues other than studies. And he always tried to make me a good person, not only in studies but also in other aspects of life.
    Right now I am already graduated from Asian Institute of Technology and working in Bangkok. I really like to thank Kumar Anuraj sir who is one of my key persons due to whom I have come up to here. I know I have long way to go and “yes” I will always keep his words and suggestions in my mind….always.


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