I wish to shout and cry aloud,

down in the dumps

to make the deaf and mute

complacent, happy and proud

in the aftermath of their measures

of having killed a soul

and muffled a voice

by playing a game so foul,

to listen at the least.


Miserable, unhappy dejected

may I seem today,

the moment I take control

restructure, reengineer and enable

my life to excel and surpass yours;

Dread the reawakened soul

that controls and destroys

ruthlessly without mercy

all those who today

sit on judgment

and pass biased one-sided

verdict and conclude

without a fair chance of appeal

or to be heard.


Dread the day

when all that I say

you’ll have to a abide by

as I’ll be deaf that day

and request to pass a sentence

without a chance of appeal.

Rapturous you may be

for having won a case

where lies and false allegations

made swing the opinion.


But one day

not too long away

you’ll stand accused

and would be tried a

and severely punished,

as it will be God’s court

that’s decision we’ll abide by.


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