Give to the World the Worst you Have and the Worst will Come Back to You

Ironic, you will say it is. Why would anyone give the worst to the world ? You might have typed it wrongly; it has to be the Best. No, I have been right. Is it not the Worst that we give to the world and still have the audacity to proclaim in the loudest possible voice to have given the best? Can there be any one in the world, except may be god or a beast, who would give the best to the world. Again mere words and nothing else. If you have given the worst to the world, are you ready to take the worst as well. I may not be exaggerating as I don’t claim to be a specially empowered person to claim such a thing but the reality is that whenever I breathe, somehow comes from my very being a very negative feeling for you and the ones who have played a game. If it was no game and everything was the result of miscommunication and misjudgment, no harm will come even near you but if it was predesigned and premeditated, nothing can save you from facing very unhappy days ahead. It is a curse of a mother and you will have to pay for it. Nothing can save you. Not even God. You just pray to God for being merciful to you. It is not my curses that will take the toll but all the worst that you have done will come back to you and you will have no one to save you. I pray to God to be an impartial judge and punish the guilty. I am waiting for the divine justice. Every minute of the day, whether I wish it or not, my very being curses you. I am really afraid what all this negative energy releasing from my very being and aimed at destroying you, would do to you. Take cover as who knows what may befall you. You deserve it and also all those persons who have played a role in it. If you have given the worst to others how can you expect for the best? Be ready for the Worst! I had thought to have got over the feeling of revulsion that I felt for you but neither I am a god nor a saint so how can I be above all things banal and mundane. The green blink to your name in my quick contacts brought to surface all that I had thought of freezing inside. I thought why should I burden myself with freezing this feeling of animosity inside me when the guilty don’t even have a prick or conscience? Hence forward I would not stop myself from incurring any harm on account of my revelations. I would rather do anything within my power to bring it to the notice of more and more persons, gullible ones, whom you might deceive in the name of “giving them the Best”. You don’t deserve any sympathy and neither would you get it from me. Day in and day out, I have to watch a young life ebb away and the more I watch the more firm becomes my conviction, to bring you to books. And dread the day when this mother really wakes up to guard with her motherly instincts, her child the way your mother did. And God would also not be able to save you from the wrath of a mother.


2 thoughts on “Give to the World the Worst you Have and the Worst will Come Back to You

  1. Ranjana

    Hi ma’am!
    Just read your composition. And few things popped up into my mind after reading it. Pls let me know ur view point as well.

    First thing was that you have only focussed on the bad deeds of the people around and which make u curse them. This shows that you are ‘giving the worst’ i.e ill-wills to the world.

    Second thing is regarding the title. In my opinion, it wud have been better to give it a title…”Be ready for the Worst”. Becoz here it appears to me that you are reminding others the well known saying, “As u sow, so shall u reap” rather than prompting them to give the worst.


  2. Saroj Thakur

    Dear Ranjana,
    Thanks a lot for making me see what I was doing. I was going contrary to my basic nature by spitting venom. It really has been a personal attack on someone who has hurt me beyond repair that I have become so. And the title itself is a caricature for that person who always uses in all his posts “give the best to the world and the best will come back to you”. I really have been very self centred. Yes there are so many good things around and I would be writing about them. I had come to Bangalore and rather wnated to meet all of you but somehow some other priorities took over. Keep commenting.

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