Perception is More Real Than Reality

Another of your favourite quote! Perception is how we perceive things and it is for most of the time how we want to see them. Nothing can budge us from the image that we choose to see, howsoever hard anyone may try. You always used to tell this truth whenever anyone was not seeing the picture as you saw it! And we believed you. But now when it was the time for you to see reality, unfortunately, you too saw it in a manner that suited you or your people. Sometimes I wonder why I am spending my energy and time in writing about things that are of no substance now. Perhaps it is to purge my own self from the feeling of guilt that I will carry throughout my life for not being able to judge you in a right manner. When someone is present at the scene of action even at that time he is free to have his own perception as the mind captures an image for a very small fraction of time then how can a person, not present at the scene of action, make impartial judgment? And when same sequence of incidents is repeatedly told by many people, we choose to perceive reality in that manner. Is it not a matter of convenience to go with what the majority says instead of questioning it. Oh! That reminds me of “Conveniences of Mind” that you were so sure to help project you as an out of ordinary person. And I believed that! You are just an ordinary person, rather a weak person who takes shelter behind words and creates a favourable impression with the help of those. How inhumane indeed.

I promised to dissect you mercilessly till all my hurt and anger is spent and I find peace with my own self. But it seems that every new day brings a feeling of renewed hurt and with a vengeance, I start with something to hurt you with. [perhaps you would never understand that the more I try to hurt you, more hurt I feel as I really had benevolent feelings toward you, like a son. And it hurt me so much as you were the one I had trusted to such an extent. Perhaps in this case too my perception about you was more real than reality as in reality you were just like the people who left no stone unturned to hurt us. My perception about you was wrong and what you perceived about me was also wrong. I don’t even want to help you see things from my perspective as it looks so demeaning but one day, I am sure, you will be able to see the REALITY.


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