Living in Cracks

A world of his own

That he lives in

Shutting others away

Not to let them peep in

His world of bliss

Where cares enter not

To bother or to tease

His very being.


Oblivious to others

He laughs and cheers

All those around

To make them aware

Of the laughter

That they hide away

To put on an expression

Of indifference and apathy

To sneer others around.


Is he insane or sane

Is what baffles me

I feel his innocence

That speaks of sanity

When people around us

Have masked expressions

Of pride and vanity.


When their inside

Is cracked and whipped

They show a false pride

And try in vain to hide

Their failures, defeats and sorrows


He laughs about

To relish in his defeats

To regale others with

His numerous foolish feats

No, he is not insane

It is we around him

That to hide our pain

Laugh and sneer at him

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