Be Subjective Teach Objectivity

You always stressed on the word “objectivity” so many times that I thought that this word describes you. But a closer interaction with you has again revealed, to my great dismay, the shallowness of your being. Being subjective makes us biased and prejudiced and we are not able to see things clearly. If one has to take a rational decision then one needs to be unbiased but can we maintain objectivity when it comes to analyze the actions of our dear ones? You always claimed to practice objectivity but unfortunately you are the only person in my acquaintance to be utterly subjective. This speaks for the difference between what you preach and what you practice. How mistaken I was to have thought that here is a person who has objective approach towards analyzing things. How wrong I was.

We are simple people, with all natural feelings of love and hate and therefore subject to biases but you were different this is what I thought at one time. But have found you to be a person who would never even question the actions of your loved ones. It really surprises me as to how the one who would mercilessly criticize others would become a mute person when it was the time to question persons near to you. You failed miserably Mr. Right (self proclaimed).

You are so subjective that the words as they were conveyed to you by your own were the ultimate truth for you and even having a doubt over their veracity was something of a moral sin for you. At least you have shown consistency in one thing, that is being a diehard believer when it comes to your people.

I don’t have any right to preach you or ask for justification of your act but if you were this kind of a person than you didn’t have any right to preach about terms about whom you knew nothing except may be their spellings.

It is ironical indeed that I started writing this blog to discuss the words that you use but at that time I wanted to analyze you in positive manner but today I am writing this blog as  memoriam to the good relationship that we had. And one reason that killed this relationship was your inability to stand by all that you preached.

Keep it up man—preach “objectivity” to others and practice “subjectivity” your own self.


6 thoughts on “Be Subjective Teach Objectivity

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