A New Life

Welcoming shopping malls

The fattening purses

Bulging bucks

That abound us all.


Saturday evenings

Dance parties

Candle light dining

Make them smarties.


A dist ant look

In vacant eyes

Loneliness in crowd

Despite many love ties.


Faster cars, more money

No where to go

But shopping malls

That abound us all.

Buoying spirits that go low

Lifestyle brands try to bounce

What life has sapped away.

What a great price to pay.


No one to wait for at home

With a welcome look galore

Four walled empty rooms

With screens all around to detour.


Is this what life means?

 Wondering at their queer life

So young but making a strive

To look and act mature

And lose innocence so pure.


Life mechanical

Relations artificial

Is what makes them die

Pretending to live a new life.






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