Break up your silence


My hope in humanity

was shattered;

my thriving self and soul

severely battered.


Not that I don’t understand

why you did that all.

But a small gesture

a trivial message

could have alleviated the torture

that your silence did to me.


Where words fail a man

where lips become mute,

can we still retain

the delicate bond so cute,

that bonded us for sure

In a web of emotions so pure


But it broke down

and broke my heart along

that believed in humanity

in all its purity

to bind people together.


Words bonded us

in a relation so sublime.

But your silence broke up

a relationship built over time


It takes so long

to trust an unknown

and was it wrong

to nurture it with care

and then one day

to see it cruelly blown

to bits and parts, to injure

the soul, heart and mind

that your silence made it suffer.


What made you silent?

Was it awe or fear

or your loving ones tears

That closed the channel?


No one would ever tell

or share

whatever went wrong?

As your silence

has made me mute

and a relationship

has died a death.




Brought about by

Your silence.




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