Death of a Relationship

Why do we mourn the death of a person only? Is human life the only one to die? Is it not the law of the nature that human life has to come to an end one day, then why to cry! I wonder why no one thinks about the death of relationships that bind us together. Relationships that need not die as they are above the laws of the physical existence.


I have seen recently a bubbling and lively relationship die an unceremonious and untimely death and this is what makes me question the death of a relationship. Now is relationship not an intangible thing and therefore its birth, growth and death is neither seen nor is mourned for in case of its death. No one writes obituaries in memory of a dead relationship. But I would do what others don’t do and critically analyze the birth, growth and the death of a relationship that could have survived. I would also critically analyze as “objectively” as possible to see whether this relationship was worth all the effort in the first place?


This relationship has had an untimely death and lies deep in its watery grave in the waters of the
Pacific Ocean. Such a tragic end and that too when there were efforts to bring this relationship to a cordial and befitting stage of further growth. Who are the persons responsible for this death? What are the factors that worked to see its death? Or in the first place the relationship had the seed of self destruction in its very being? I wish I could know the exact cause of this incident but as there seems to be no idea about it, I will have to go by my speculations and come to a seemingly logical end. “In Memoriam” is dedicated to the cherished memory of a relationship that died unceremoniously.

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