The Language That the Heart Speaks



The Language That the Heart Speaks 

Smile is the language of the heart

that we speak to all

saying all that needs to be said

through an action so sweet and small.


Creating new waves of love

of positive vibrations

and of trust,

the heart craves

to transcend all barriers

of man made restrictions

and in moments of uncertainty,

it becomes our only saviour.


But when smile is entrapped

in masked expressions

of indifference, apathy

in place of natural progression

of goodwill and empathy,

something is snapped within

to break the channels of love and trust.


And like robots we play and act

devoid of any emotional bond

the role imposed to protect

and withhold

reaching out to love and be loved.


We pretend to live, devoid of living

without an iota of

human touch

striving hard to make an appearance,

and live

a lifeless

worthless existence.

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